Thursday, April 12, 2012

Happy Belated Chinese New Year!

[Opps! Just realize that I got 4 months didn't update my blogggg already..=p]

Btw, Happy belated Chinese New Year!
I can't imagine how busy am I before Chinese New Year and how I can go through that period ..@@  OMG!!!

The first day of Chinese New Year:
After dress up leng leng and ready to go bai nian la!
I found out that this is the only chance for us to gather together for every once a year..=x
**I Miss you all a lot!!**

Overtime with buddy! (so Syok!=p)
Location: Seremban
WEE~~~ I love you, beer! You are so nice.=p

Outing with my beloved sista!
Just realize this is the first time we hang out together..=x

My First time to go Shogun
Me: Not really satisfied with the foods there. Not tasty and suit me :(
but at least I have fun with them =)
Dating with Foong!
Watched 2 movies and sing k on that day!
We are so crazy!=p
Malacca with buddy! 
Our plan: eat non-stop! =p 

Outing with brosss!
Thanks my 2nd bro for treat us watched movie and also our lunch!=p
Love you so much!<3
Malacca again with my Family!
I love family daysssss!
Finally my mum is free to go out with us!
I wait until neck also long already. haha!!
Appreciate the time when stay together with them.
** They really have huge appetite if compared with others!** =p

It is slightly different compared with last year. Boring? Yes? 
NO, I have a lot of fun with my friends and family.Not only that,I have also spent a lot money  during this period T.T  
[Again, I had lost my card holder. What's going on to my luck? I need them back by my side. :( ]

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