Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Fuck You!

People, what do you think if your just get what you had purchased but it is gone after 3 hours?!

I don't even see how the things look like. =(          
Can you feel how sad I'm?

At start I feel so excited when I'm getting my new clothes and contact lens...I wait for it for a week and finally i can get it all by today. But..why? It will be happened on me? Why YOU want to steal my things?! 
I keep asking and blaming myself why I'm so careless?! If I had keep the things properly, then it impossible will be gone.  
Btw, do you think it is possible that someone had mistook my things? Yes, it is I think. But by right if you are mistook other people things, what is the first step that you will do? Return it to office so other people can find back their things, right? I report to office already but I din't get any news yet. 
I know. It is impossible I will get back my things already. What to do? I feel so hopeless.........

Today (11.1.2011). It should be a happy day for me because I finally done my last paper! But I'm not happy at all!! Bad Luck why are you still following me? 
The things cost me around RM200! It is RM200, not RM20! 
Summore I still need to pay back to my friend because some of the contact lens is not mine! Can you imagine how much it would cost me? If you were me, how would you feel? 

Damn it! 
Never mind, YOU spoilt my day and get the things. But one day YOU will get back double or even triple for what you had done on me. 

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