Sunday, January 1, 2012

End of 2011

Everyone is busy celebrating their New Year Eve but I got no plan to welcome 2012. =(  I'm thinking of last year, I had spent my time with my best friends to celebrate New Year Eve at Seremban 2. Although it is not fun, but it is great that we have met together and chat with each other.

Congrat that I had passed all my paper during the last semester and get graduation for my diploma course. Not only than that, I want to thanks my family that purposely come to attend my convocation and the financial support from my dad. Thanks my friends that greet me and attend my convo. Thanks for the flower and presents, I'm so happy.^^

During that year, I also had joined a fashion show that held in Tarc. All of the design is from Tarc students and I'm wearing the dress that designed by them and cat walk ing on the stage. Luckily that I don't fall down or what, if not it is really so embarrassing. =p After that we are going to pub to drink and drunk! 

Oh ya, I had rear a Syrian hamster. He is a boy and his name is Zaizai. I can still remembered his face, his naughty and his cute action. But it is so unlucky that he is dead. I failed to find the reason why he die and feel so sad that just within 1 month, I lost him without any reason. 

Other than that, I have a lot of fun with my gangs. We are friend start from my diploma life at KL until now. It is not too long but it is not too short. 2 and half years, we travel around, hang out tgt, do work tgt, laugh tgt and snap a lot of photo tgt. I hope that our friendship will last longer 

P.S: Byebye 2011 and welcome 2012 

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