Saturday, October 29, 2011

Read more to Learn more

I'm still remember one of my lecturer said that: When you are taking out your books and read means at that time you have already changed. This is true! Everyone got 24 hours in a day but how many of us willing to sacrifice their time just to reading a book? I always complaint I got not enough time to study just because I have spent all my time to do the other things. Hey, this is what a good excuse? Students (included me) always complaint teacher no good or dunno what the hell they are talking about. But did u think that they maybe is just lack of experience and training? Give them a chance, listen to them. Maybe you will get some point rather than nothing. Then how about us? We only is the one who din't study well but keep complaining teacher this and that. At least teacher will find ways to improve themselves when they knew they are not good enough. Come on guys, STOP complaining. We should read more to gain more knowledge!
I have noticed that my face is always thick enough. Why am i say so? Because once I don't understand or dunno what is it, I will ask people to teach me and learn from them. Don't shy! Just open your mouth and ask is not a tough thing. You will notice how happy you are when you are learning something that you want to learn.

P.S : Start reading from today and you will be amazed how much it will benefit you. =)