Monday, September 12, 2011


Some ppl said : Friends, especially your best friend had the most possibility who will betrayed  you.
I won't say this is not true. Because in reality, it always happened.

For me, FAMILY always is the one who :
  • Support you the most (whenever,wherever you are)
  • Take care of you
  • Help you when you're facing problem that you can't handle and when you're lost
  • Never ever betray you (this is true)
  • Stop you when knowing you are doing something wrong
  • and will always stand at your side,teach you,educate you.
Family always give you the love that others can't give. This is the reason why I need my family so much. When toothache or sick at the midnight, no one will like our parent willing to wake up and find medicine for you. Especially when you're work or study at outside,you have to find yourself and prepare the medicine earlier because there is no daddy,mummy and no one will prepare for you.
When i'm unhappy I'm sure that I will called my mum and shared with her. She always is the good listener and teach me how to encounter the problems.
I love you, mum and also daddy,my three brothers.. ♥

Hanging out with my mummy,2nd bro,his gf and my little bro.
We are going shopping,watch movie (Final Destination 5) and STEAMBOAT! =D

P.S: I miss the nite when we chat together. We talk about family, political things, ghost story and a lot! I like family days!! It is great.. ♥ 

Thursday, September 8, 2011

DAC 29

[ Tar College Life ]

Still remember the first time how we talk to each other?
The first impression?
The first time we hang out tgt?
The first time,the feeling when we get the final result?
The first time we create our own group?
The bufday celebration of all of us..
The Sing k session..

And a lot, a lot...

By the way,
I'm still remember..Do u? =)

The last day of Diploma life. (DAC29)

One of our lecturer,Ms Lim 
She is so cute..xD

Our FAP lecturer and tutor,Mr Soo
I had learn a lot from him..=)

I love u all, DAC29 

P.S : Hope we can still contact with each other even though we might not in the same class anymore..=)

Monday, September 5, 2011


Just holiday then flu & sore throat come and near me already.
For what?
Want me to suffer gaogao?
I know i eat too much of fried foods, durian and drink too less of water already.
But, don't need to treat me by this way bah?
Did you know I HATE you so much?!

PLS lar,stay far away from me!! I DON'T love u!

P.S : My mouth had enough of ulcer already,pls. I don't want it anymore!!