Saturday, August 6, 2011


Friday (5/8/2011)
As usual, my dad is calling me again..
I still thought of my dad is it miss me so much and wanted to asking me whether this week i got going back to hometown or not..
But I'm wrong.. It is totally not same with i had expected.
Mummy she..admitted to hospital already.. =(

I'm so worry and get frighten by this..
I know it is really pain for you, i knew it..
Because I can hear it from the way you speak to me and your voice is not like before so mischievous ,so energetic..
You told me that you wish to enter operation room as soon as possible because u can't take it anymore.
I feel so helpless, because i can't instead you to suffer the pain..
Even the next time when i think of it again,i will still feel like crying..
No choice,who ask me is a crying baby..=p

Saturday (6/8/2011)
Every time when i'm reached, u sure will waiting me at living room 
or is me waiting you back home from basketball court.
But this time is different.
I need to go hospital to visit you..=(
I feel so heartache when i saw you,mum.
You looks more languish and old already..
Suddenly feel like want to hug you badly..

PS: Lucky this is just a minor operation and my mum can go back home this afternoon already. Hope my mum is healthy and happy always..Illness PLEASE stay far away from my mum!!