Sunday, July 17, 2011



P.S: 如果他/她已经温暖了你的心,请好好的珍惜他/她...
      [暖心 ♥] 

Saturday, July 16, 2011


Hey,u guys still remember me?
Seem i got two months din't update my blog already..
This is all my lazyness fault..=x

I went to Muar last month which is on 4th of June.
Did u guys curious why i'm going there? 
Err..this is because one of my PLKN's friend is getting marry..
She invited us to go for her wedding dinner.
But because of the next day we all got classes need to attend,
so we just go her house for buffet.
Feel so sorry to her we can't attend that night..=x
 Btw, Happy Newlywed for PeiYun and her husband..

She is Pei Yun, (bride of the night)

This is her bro,Marcus..

My best best best friend,Line..xD

Line, Me and Joeleen..^^

6 of us..(Xiao ke ai,Line, Me,Soo,Hao and Yao)

This MONKEY is naughty enough! It grab my ice cream still ate at infront of bad T.T
(but dunno why i still snap photo with this monkey?@.@)

Xiao Ke Ai and me..She is so cute and realize that she still so like to EAT..=p

She is Ying Xiu, one of Bravo's member (Bravo is my PLKN group's name)

P.S: I hope we can always contact with each other although we are at the different place and busying, fighting for our own future..Well,await for our next gathering..
(dunno who are the turn to get marry,haha..=x)