Friday, February 25, 2011

Result released..

I'm keep asking myself. ''What happen to me?''
My result is getting worse if compare to last sem.
What i had promise
at the end i dint did it also.
I failed.Not i no want to put more effort to my studies,
but is i cant control myself.Grr..
Feel disappointed when getting the result and also to myself.
Mum,thx for comfort me and listen what i had nag on you.❤

Year 2,2nd sem result:
  • 2A
  • 1A-
  • 1B+
  • 1B

Although my CGPA is more higher than last sem,
but I still need to up my CGPA as more as i can.
  • Drive away my lazy mood.(if i can.=p)
  • Do all my tutorial question.(if i gt time.=p)
  • Study everyday.(if i'm nt lazy.xp)

My cute 纸盒人..❤
*He is studying..=p*

Monday, February 14, 2011

hApi vAlEntinE's dAy..❤

What a special day today??

Is Valentine's day!!(14 Feb 2011)
Happy valentine's day to all my frens and single me.
Wish u all have a nice day with ur lover or frens.=)

Happy open skul to all my classmate also.
I ponteng today class and start regret ady.
If im going today class,had a maybe i will meet my Mr.Right or will got someone to ask me go for dating.
but now,i just can stay at my home and face my laptop...=(
Hey world,
i need a part time bf to date with me..!!!
Do you interest?If yes,Pls call 010-xxx3xxx to know more information.
(oh ya,the unknown number pls guess urself ya..=p)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


忙着打扫 忙着帮妈妈 忙着忙着 忙着搬年货
忙着 忙着跟朋友出去 忙着信息 忙着msn 当然的 还有忙着玩面子书啦...

早上七早八早被爸吵醒 要我起床去吃饭 我说: 吃什么饭 == (心想才那么早)
他就在那里笑个不停 竟然作弄我..!!
一打开房门 爸原来是要拿红包给我 我的第一个红包也!!!
因为那感觉很温馨 开心幸福 满足..❤

DAC 29,我想念你们..❤

新年快乐 财源广进 身体健康 事事顺利 万事如意..=)